Your Personalised Learning Management & Information Solution

Verified’s Learning Management System is a market leading solution and all-in-one system for pre-qualification, learning, and continuous development

Streamlined Workflow

Specifically designed to deliver digital transformation and workflow efficiencies through streamlined learning processes and rapid inductions.


Flexible learning solution

Efficient and scalable

Smart device compatible

Intuitive User Interface

Real time compliance & risk mitigation

Simplified Learning, Onboarding & Training

Verified’s Learning Management System (LMS) streamlines the entire process from pre-qualification to induction as well as ongoing education requirements for your business. Its user-friendly experience means there is no need for educational physical assets or multiple systems for compliance, making the management of visitor, contractors and team members more efficient than ever before.

Boost Compliance Rates to 100%

With the average onsite compliance rate among visitors to site currently standing at 45%, our solution offers an opportunity to significantly improve this statistic by providing an end-to-end solution. By embedding your organisations policies and process in your learning and development modules, Verified end to end LMS solution ensures that employees, visitors and contractors have met your requirements when attending your sites in live time.

Efficient, Adaptive & User Friendly

Verified’s user-centric learning management module allows you to enhance user engagement and learning outcomes. Self-managed profiles, notifications of pending expirations and adaptive learning paths are accessible from any smart device for seamless, personalised education experiences.

Flexible, Tailored and Measured

Have control of your learning modules and customise content, learning formats and configurations to meet your needs. Generate comprehensive reports to track progress and measure training effectiveness.


With Verified, you have actionable data at your fingertips that gives
you the answers you need to provide a safe and compliant workplace


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Yes. Verified’s Learning Management Solution allows you to create, edit and update your content.

Yes, you are able to disable the ability for users to skip ahead.

Yes. Our Learning Management Solution allows for customisable branding throughout.

Yes. Verified’s Learning Management Solution seamlessly integrates with on-site inductions to allow you to manage entry criteria based on learnings being successfully completed.