Accreditations, Qualifications, Licensing & More

Track, verify and report onsite contractor, visitor and employee compliance requirements.

Reduce Risks

Easily and accurately ensure individuals are compliant with organisational and site requirements significantly minimising regulatory, operational and reputational risks.


Complete real time visibility

Minimise OH&S site risk

Maintain regulatory compliance

System integration with leading providers

Suitable for an extensive range of accreditation types

Instant validation of accreditation and licensing requirements on site

Key Features

Individual Level Checks

Individual Level Checks

Ensure technicians, contractors, employees and visitors are appropriately qualified with checks across a variety of safety and compliance measures. Make sure no high-risk individuals are on site through checks including:

  • Learning management system (LMS) checks
  • Drivers Licence check (AUS and NZ)
  • Visa and working rights checks (VEVO)
  • Trade Licences
  • Police checks and more

Site Approval & Entry Access

Enforce entry requirements on site to ensure safety, security, and compliance for visitors, staff, and contractors. Provide ‘go’ / ‘no go’ status based on predetermined accreditation and licensing rules.

Company Wide Checks

Company Wide Checks

Have peace of mind knowing service providers hold appropriate insurances and policies for compliance. Manage the latest safety regulations and guidance at an organisational level including:

  • Professional indemnity
  • Public liability insurance
  • Worker’s insurance policy


With Verified, you have actionable data at your fingertips that gives
you the answers you need to provide a safe and compliant workplace


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Yes, Verified can complete a check on internal and external induction requirements.

Verified allows different accreditation checks by user types.

Yes, Verified allows for a Stop Work if the user isnt appropriately accredited or licensed.

Yes, Verified has the ability to manage individual credentials via a portal or in the field.