Learn how a simple mistake led to a $25,000 error and how Verified’s solutions can prevent such costly oversights.

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Learn how a Verified client efficiently transformed their safety processes as a result of a significant occupational health and safety incident.
Learn how Verified's clients easily achieve better contractual outcomes, minimise contractor-related risk, and get the most value-for-money.
Diesel Pump Maintenance: Unveiling the gaps in current Diesel Pump Compliance.
Elevating Risk Management: How Unifying Permit Management Safeguarded 200 Australian Sites.

Minimising risk during the quote management process using standardised quote templates and instant pricing validation against agreed contracted rates.
Minimising compliance and safety risk through implementation of superior QR-based workflow management
Verified’s simple and scalable solution easily enhances company’s induction management processes, leading to better onboarding outcomes and experiences for businesses.