Capture, Control, and Coordinate Permits With Ease

Verified’s advanced Permits module allows you to digitally track and enforce every permit requirement in real-time.

In Field Digital Permit Capture

Seamlessly integrate verification and capture of contractor-related permits within your Verified workflows.


Integration and digitisation of permit workflows

Real-time visibility and control

Enforces permit requirements and rules

Enhanced on-site user experience

Gain Complete Visibility

Our digital permits solution brings an unprecedented level of visibility to your permit processes. Complete visibility now extends from head office reporting down to the most detailed site-by-site basis for enforcement and safety. The new Permit module is already creating clear lines of accountability for related parties and reducing the potential for oversight.

Capture & Digitise A Full Permit Range

A wide range of permits can now be digitised and captured in the cloud, from elevated work, confined space work, asbestos, to hot work requirements and energy service isolations. This improves efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in managing on-site work safety.


The digital permit system strengthens the enforceability of permit requirements, ensuring that contractors adhere to all safety protocols

One System for Full Auditability & Tracking

One fully integrated system maintains all data used and generated during permit-related work. Facility managers, property owners, and C-suite management teams can securely access the necessary data instantly, enhancing the safety and efficiency of their work sites from a central location.


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Verified make it easy! We will digitise your permits for you.

Verified’s digital permit solution allows for any number of permits to be captured.

Yes. we can configure sign off's throughout the permit process.

Yes, an automatic email or SMS notification can be configured.