The Verified Story

Established in 2002, Verified has a successful track record of working with businesses ranging from small to enterprise companies. Today, with over 20 years of industry experience, Verified has expanded its clientele to include long-standing, diversified, top-tier companies in a variety of sectors including retail, health and government.

Verified is a market-leading, data-driven platform, providing real time insight for visitor, contractor and safety management​, offering clients streamlined and scalable workflow solutions tailored to their unique facility and business needs.

85, 000Verified Users

20+ YearsIndustry Solutions

>2 millionRecords Captured Yearly

Glenn Talbot


As Founder and Managing Director, Glenn passionately leads Verified’s expert team. He has over 30 years of industry expertise and hands on experience in facilities management. His extensive industry network and knowledge is Verified’s competitive advantage.

Glenn holds an Associate Diploma in Applied Science, is an Independent Chair for Australian Standards (Fire Safety Maintenance) and was a Board Member/President of a successful not-for-profit Industry Association.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Fire Safety and Essential Safety Measures
  • Facility Management and Reporting
  • Building Compliance Facility Management
  • Safety Management
  • Contractor Management

Stephanie Viney


Stephanie has been part of the Verified team since 2016. As General Manager, Stephanie successfully leads strategic operations and project implementation for Verified’s clients. She is committed to managing project resource allocation and ensuring strategic goals are achieved for clients.

Stephanie has over 9 years of experience in the fire protection industry including, previously holding the position of Membership Services Manager at the Fire Protection Association of Australia.

Stephanie has successfully completed the prestigious Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) program. This experience has provided Stephanie invaluable insights into effective leadership, corporate governance, and strategic decision-making. 

Areas of Expertise:

  • Business Development
  • IT Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management

Prue Fisher​


Prue has proven experience in delivering operational efficiencies and successfully implementing complex projects. As the Operations Manager, Prue is the backbone of Verified, and provides operational support to the Verified Team.

Prue has a vast amount of experience that includes over 10 years working in the fire protection industry. Her formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Operations Management
  • Business Development
  • Project Management
  • Procurement and Contract Management

Thomas Martin


In 2023, Tom joined Verified, taking on the role of Business Development Representative. With an impressive background in managing large corporate accounts and enterprise clients, Tom brings a wealth of experience to his position. His dedication to ensuring a seamless alignment between the Verified experience and client needs, prioritising customer service, has been a driving force in his role.

Tom’s formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Games and Interactivity, a unique academic background that adds a distinctive perspective to his work at Verified. This qualification not only reflects his expertise in navigating the intricacies of user experiences but also underscores his dedication to enhancing the client-driven aspects of Verified’s services. 

Areas of Expertise:

  • Account Management
  • Client Relations
  • Software and Technology

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