Industry: Fuel Retailer
Location: Australia Wide
Size: 700+ Site Locations

Company Bio

A trusted fuel sales retailer with over 700 site locations across Australia had varying induction policies and procedures across their high-risk sites.


A leading retail company implemented Verified’s Risk Management module to increase the efficiency and compliance of their safety and induction processes. Our platform seamlessly delivered the relevant site-specific policies and procedures and confirmed that all visitors and contractors had valid permits and credentials to be on site. By digitising and centralising their induction processes and workflows, the client gained a reliable single source of truth for safety materials, real time reporting and compliance data.






Background – An Unreliable, Manual & Complex OH&S Process Simplified


Due to the high-risk nature of the sites, the result was 6 labour intensive induction processes, a complex matrix system for onsite visitors and contractors to follow and confusing multi-page manuals for all users.


Overall, the staff found the procedures difficult to operationalise (exacerbated by the physical documents on site) and nearly impossible to follow. Highly manual and complicated processes made it extremely challenging to record, capture and assess critical information to meet compliance requirements.



The Serious Onsite Incident

A significant safety incident occurred when staff engaged a contractor to perform essential ground works at a fuelling site. The engaged contractor sub-contracted the work to a 3rd party. Due to the complexity of the onsite induction processes, when the sub-contractor arrived on site, they were not briefed of critical site requirements and the required permits and qualifications went unchecked.

As a result of the failure to be appropriately inducted, the subcontractor carried on with the work without the necessary permits or site knowledge. They excavated the forecourt of the site and inadvertently cut through a gas main putting all employees, visitors, and contractors at significant risk. The forced closure of the site occurred for four days.

Verified’s Solution – A Digital Fix


Verified implemented the cloud-based Risk Management Module to revolutionalise the client’s induction process. Through digitisation of the written and complex workflow, multiple pathways were simplified and streamlined. An online user journey was created for onsite visitors to follow, incorporating appropriate workflow elements to meet necessary OH&S outcomes and checks ensuring safety for all. The result of digitising the process were numerous:

  • Compliance for Business: Establishment of a clear audit trail which captured compliance with mandatory OHS requirements. 
  • Efficiency for Staff: By streamlining workflows, the onus on staff to deliver inductions and enforce policy was eliminated. In addition, we ensured 100% compliance that procedures were consistently followed. 
  • Documentation for Contractors: Visitors gained access to site-relevant documentation and instantly received updated policy and procedural materials.

Verified significantly reduced overall safety and non-compliance risks for all on site activities. This was further clarified by our client’s time and motion study revealing that the reduction in induction time justified the investment in Verified’s solution multiple times over.

With Verified’s advanced features and customisable system, the leading retailer now has the highest standards of safety and risk compliance on their sites. We are proud to have helped our client achieve these significant enhancements and look forward to continuing to support them with our cutting-edge solutions. 

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