Industry: Retail
Location: Australia Wide
Size: 200 Site Locations

Company Bio

A nationally recognised Australian retailer operating 200 sites faced significant challenges around permit processes. Lack of permit visibility, data access, and clarity of responsibility significantly heightening their compliance risk profile.


The benefit is the data. It gives me peace of mind that I am compliant and can prove it.
- Retail Client


A leading national retailer implemented Verified’s Permits module to transform their existing permit management processes and systems.

This shift from a fragmented and paper-based approach into a unified, transparent workflow significantly enhanced the company’s risk management capability. Ensuring that all contractors and sub-contractors, were clearly informed and fully compliant with site-specific requirements.

Background – Permit Oversight: The High Price To Pay

As part of the retailer’s risk control measures, a paper-based process was in place where store managers printed paper copies of permits and provided them to contractors upon request. This process lacked a trigger for prompting the permit process, resulting in jobs being completed without permits. It also lacked any visibility on the issuing, control or storage of any permit.

The absence of clear oversight, real-time data access and unclear responsibilities, contributed to a hazardous and non-compliant work environment. This left the company vulnerable to liabilities and reputational damage if incidents occurred due to improper permit control.

A critical turning point for management occurred when they recognised the potential for serious onsite incidents due to the lack of visibility in the permit process, prompting the search for an effective solution to enhance transparency, efficiency and eliminate key risks.

Verified: A Unified Digital Solution for Streamlined Permit Management 

In a matter of weeks, Verified’s Permits module was seamlessly integrated into the organisation, consolidating the client’s six distinct permit workflows into a singular, unified and cohesive system. 

By digitising the permit workflow, Verified addressed the previous lack of triggers by prompting contractors when a permit was required for work completion. This initiated the digital permit workflow and facilitated real-time recording of permit data against user attendance providing instant insights.  

This solution was designed and implemented for all contractors visiting sites, resulting in a 45% increase in permit completion rates. Furthermore, it allowed for real-time monitoring of permits, contributing to a subsequent reduction in overall risk. The integration of Verified’s Permits module not only streamlined the process but also significantly enhanced transparency and compliance.   

The benefits realised from Verified’s solution were multifaceted: 

  • Organisational Risk Reduction: Clear, immutable data and the enforcement of correct procedures drastically reduced the risk of negligence and non-compliance. 
  • Staff & Contractor Efficiency: A reduction in administrative burdens for contractors and staff alike, coupled with a user-friendly digital interface, streamlined operations from the field to the front office. 
  • Audit Clarity & Transparency: Live reporting and accurate data provided a clear audit trail and immediate insights into permit statuses. 
  • Assured Compliance: The system guaranteed that all contractors, including subcontractors, adhered to the mandated protocols, promoting a culture of safety and regulatory compliance. 
  • Reduction in Expenses: The client also benefitted from reductions in insurance premiums due to the improved control over the permit processes and reduced risk environment. 


Digitising & Streamlining Permits – Outcomes & Insights 

Following the integration of Verified’s Permits module, our client experienced a significant reduction in operational risks and embraced a more efficient and transparent permit management process. Overall, the Verified platform streamlined job classifications and permit tracking, offering deeper and more accurate operational insights.  

Discover the full story behind our digital permit revolution and unlock the potential for your team. For deeper insights into this success story and to understand how digitising your permits workflow can assist your organisation, please call 1300 133 950 or send an email today. 


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