Industry: Education
Location: Victoria, Australia
Size: 164 Site Locations

Company Bio

One of Australia’s elite and highest ranked universities who delivers world-class research and leads the development of impactful higher education policy.
“The Verified platform has allowed us to go from a team of 4, to 1 person to ensure our compliance”
- Director of Property Management


This leading Australian university has over 75,000 students in its care across 164 site locations. The university utilises Verified to ensure they maintain a high level of compliance in line with the required State based Building Regulations and the latest Australian Standards. Specifically, each time a contractor submits a maintenance record to Verified, a digital copy of the service record is connected to the site. Verified allows this service record to be stored at the time of delivery, thereby ensuring the building owner keeps meeting their statutory obligations whilst also reducing critical legislative compliance risk. Overall, it has resulted in a significantly safer organisation environment for students and staff alike.

99.85%Compliance Rate Key safety measures delivered in accordance with Australian Standards including on time and in-tolerance delivery.

Background - The Need For Compliance

With thousands of students spread across 164 locations, safety and compliance was a major priority for this Australian university. The university had a need to track their building compliance obligations and keep records to demonstrate they have effectively met statutory requirements.

Each time a contractor undertakes maintenance, the building owner has a legal obligation to store a copy of the record of service. The service record is considered as sufficient evidence to demonstrate site compliance. Where these records are not stored properly or the regulatory obligations are not actively managed, there is little visibility and oversight on compliance levels for each site location resulting in significant organisational risk.

Exposure To Significant Safety Risk

The Australian university was facing multiple legislative and safety-related risks as they lacked visibility on its compliance levels and streamlined processes for recording and storing service records. Without transparency on compliance levels and the upcoming maintenance requirements, the organisation was unable to objectively confirm their level of regulatory compliance nor could they strategically plan maintenance schedules.

Verified's Solution

Verified delivered with a custom workflow solution that allowed service records to be easily linked to site locations, providing real time and on-demand visibility of each site’s legislative compliance. Through its QR Code -based technology and superior workflow management, Verified enabled the university to reach an industry leading performance level of 99.85% compliance across their entire portfolio. The university also gained complete visibility over their contractors’ performance, and the autonomy to manage their maintenance program with real-time data directly from their sites.


With Verified, you have actionable data at your fingertips that gives
you the answers you need to provide a safe and compliant workplace