Industry: Retail
Contractor Service: Maintenance
Location: Australia Wide
Size: 1,132 Site Locations

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A large supermarket and everyday needs retailer have over 1000 sites with thousands of contractors and visitors attending every day.


The benefit is the data. It gives me peace of mind that I am compliant and can prove it.
- Retail Client


Fire Pump sets form an integral component of Fire Safety Systems (ESM), where approx. 40% of Fire Pump Sets contain a diesel engine. Diesel engine maintenance is vital and forms part of the maintenance required when the pressure and flow test component of the pump itself are maintained. The issue is the diesel engine connected to the pump requires a diesel mechanic, with the specific parts for the pump, to service the diesel engine.

Technicians completing the pressure and flow assessment typically indicate on the service sheet that the diesel engine has not been completed and should be attended to at a later date. This is where the diesel engine maintenance component falls through the cracks.

According to the Fire Safety Service Standard AS1851-2012 (AMDT1), maintenance tasks require a qualified person to service the diesel engine, involving specific tasks such as pressure testing engine cooling systems, replacing engine oil and filters etc. Many contractors within the industry do not employ diesel mechanics, with this task usually being sub-contracted. These issues ultimately lead to incomplete servicing, diesel engine failures and enhanced levels of risks.


Background – Diesel Pump Maintenance: Compliance and Safety Risks

A leading Australian retailer was confronted by a dangerous malfunction – the failure of their Fire Sprinkler pump, when the diesel engine seized. Whilst investigating the cause, the company discovered the contractor was consistently failing to complete the annual diesel engine service connected to the sprinkler pump. This failure rendered their sprinkler system inoperative.

Contractors were regularly failing to complete the annual service due to lack of appropriately qualified and competent trades people, resulting in pump failures.

When a critical pump failed it was discovered that the contractor had not serviced the engine side of the Fire Sprinkler Pump. The oversight heightened the retailer’s compliance risks, financial and fire safety threats, putting the lives and property at risk.


Data Driven Contractor Service Delivery & Accountability

With Verified’s Contractor Management module in place, the retailer gained much needed transparency on their site compliance. The service records instantly revealed only half of the required servicing was completed by the contractor.

The client was able to prove the contractor failed to fulfil their servicing and contractual obligations. The evidence enabled the retailer to shift the financial cost of pump replacement and installation back to the contractor, saving the company in excess of $30,000. In the subsequent 12 months, an additional three pumps failed due to failure to maintain the diesel engine, resulting in the client saving over $100,000 in pump repairs.

Verified’s Solution

By using Verified, the client resolved the immediate issue of incomplete diesel pump servicing and set a precedent for contractor accountability. This proactive approach ensured all aspects of diesel pump maintenance were consistently addressed, significantly reducing the retailer’s risk profile, and safeguarding their compliance with fire safety standards. Our Contractor Management Module is perfectly built for:

  • Monitoring maintenance tasks, ensuring they are completed on time in accordance with relevant standards
  • Real-time visibility of contractors and tasks being completed or missed
  • Instant desktop auditing and performance reporting
  • Offering assurance for critical system integrity, protecting your property and people

Verified gives you full ownership and access to all of your historical compliance data. Effective maintenance and contractor management can safeguard against significant risks. Please feel free to reach out by calling us on 1300 133 950 or sending an email.


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