Industry: Retail
Location: Australia Wide
Size: 700 Site Locations

Company Bio

The retail giant has over 700 combined fuel and convenience retail outlets located all over Australia.
Verified provides us the ability to govern our value chain, knowing who, knowing when, knowing what.
- Senior Executive
Director of Operations


One of Australia’s leading fuel and convenience store businesses with over 700 locations around the country, utilises Verified for Visitor Management and Contractor Performance. Each time a visitor, contractor or service provider visits one of its fuel and convenience store sites, they are required to log on to the Verified platform and submit their attendance providing full transparency and visibility

7.2hours Average time on Site
for Security Guards

98% Correct Inductions with
Active Security Licences

Background - Security Contractors

From time to time, this market leading retailer has the requirement for a Security Guard to attend a site in a timely manner. An entry point damaged, a window broken or an incident of some kind.

In order to facilitate this, a request is put to the Security Contractor who in turn then utilises Social Media to distribute the request to the Security Contracting Community, with the first person to respond receiving approval to attend the site and pick up the job.

Significant Operational Risk

The process exposed the retailer to potential non-compliance with Australian standards and work health and safety risks. Further it raised questions such as:

  • Is the person attending, a certified Security Contractor?
  • Have they been inducted to enter the site?
  • Are their credentials up to date?
  • How long did the Security Contractor stay on site?
  • Is the contractor in attendance the same person on the certification?

Verified's Solution

The market leading Australian retailer approached Verified to determine if the Verified platform could be extended to accommodate Security Guards and mitigate the risks identified.

Upon further discovery with the retailer, we created a customised workflow for Security Contractors and, within that workflow, required the Security Guards to take a “selfie” of their credentials and themselves. An induction process was also added to the workflow which captured confirmation that the onsite contractors accepted the terms and conditions for accessing the site significantly reducing operational risk


With Verified, you have actionable data at your fingertips that gives
you the answers you need to provide a safe and compliant workplace