Learn how a Verified client efficiently transformed their safety processes as a result of a significant occupational health and safety incident. By implementing a digitised approach to onsite inductions, the client increased site safety and saved 14,000 staff admin hours per year.

Background – An Unreliable, Manual & Complex OH&S Process

Managing hundreds of site locations, the client required comprehensive induction processes to handle the associated safety risks with frequent movement of visitors and vendors.

Existing processes were highly manual, labour-intensive and created a complex system for onsite visitors and contractors. Problems included:

  • 6 different induction pathways;
  • Dense, 100+ page hardcopy manuals;
  • Staff struggled to operationalise and track procedures;
  • Inability to capture and assess critical site level data and information;
  • A reliance on physical tracking documents making compliance difficult to achieve and maintain;
  • Impossible to report centrally on compliance.

The Incident That Changed Everything

A significant safety incident occurred when staff engaged a contractor to perform essential ground works onsite. The contractor sub-contracted the work to a third party and due to the complex induction processes, the sub-contractor arrived onsite without being briefed of critical site requirements. As a result necessary permits and qualifications went unchecked.

The subcontractor carried out the work without the required permits or site knowledge. Unaware of the dangers present in an excavation area, a gas main was cut and resulted in a total closure of the site. Employees, visitors, and contractors were placed at significant risk, leading to the site’s closure for several days and causing substantial revenue loss.

This incident left the company questioning the safety and compliance at all their sites, highlighting the urgent need for an accurate, streamlined and effective induction process.

Solution: Transforming The Induction Process, Systems & Culture

Implementation of Verified’s cloud-based platform revolutionised the company’s safety and risk management procedures. Through complete mapping, digitising and optimising of the written and complex workflow, induction pathways were simplified for all sites. An online user journey was created for all vendors and visitors to follow, incorporating appropriate workflow elements to meet necessary OH&S outcomes and checks ensuring safety for all.

Key Benefits of the digitisation included:

  • Instant Documentation Access: Key parties gained access to site-relevant documentation and instantly received updated policy and procedural materials.
  • Accountability: A clear audit trail capturing compliance with mandatory OHS requirements was objectively established; and
  • Complete Compliance: Streamlined workflows eliminated the onus on staff to deliver inductions and enforce policy, ensuring 100% consistent regulatory compliance.


Verified significantly reduced overall safety and non-compliance risks for all onsite activities. A time and motion study revealed that the reduction in induction time justified the investment in Verified’s solution multiple times over.

With Verified’s advanced features and customisable platform, the retailer now has the highest standards of safety and risk compliance on their sites. Verified seamlessly delivered the relevant site-specific policies and procedures and confirmed that all visitors and contractors had valid permits and credentials to be onsite. By digitising and centralising their induction processes and workflows, the client gained a reliable single source of truth for safety materials, real-time reporting and compliance data.



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