Industry: Cleaning
Location: Australia Wide
Size: 1000 Site Locations

Company Bio

This banking and financial institution has 1,000 retail sites and employs thousands of staff and contractors to ensure efficient operational delivery for its customers.
Verified delivered a solution that held our contractors accountable and assured the executive team were getting value for money.
- Banking Client


A large banking and financial institution, with over 1000 locations around the country, currently utilises Verified to manage cleaning contractor performance. Each time a contractor visits one of its sites, they log on to the Verified platform, submit their attendance and access the details of the approved work order that articulates the scope of work to be completed on that visit. Through implementation of Verified’s QR-Code based technology, the company has seen significant increase in their contractor’s quality of service.

4200minutes Daily increase in
service delivery time

70%Increase in service

Background - Cleaning Contractors

With 1,000 hours of cleaning required daily across 1,000 sites, the banking client wanted to ensure high quality and efficient cleaning services were being undertaken.

After engaging the cleaning company, the Contract Manager noted that the services were not up to the quality he had hoped for. To manage the quality issue, the Contract Manager met with the cleaning company and discussed his concerns. Whilst the cleaning company assured the Contract Manager their service would improve, there was no notable quality difference to the service delivery.

Serious Health Risks

The banking institution was exposed to multiple health risks as cleaning tasks were not completed by the contracted time limit nor to the agreed standard. As a result, the cleaning contractor continued to put the banking staff and its customers at significant risk of dust and dirt borne diseases and other bacteria and germs, including COVID-19.

The Contract Manager was left with concerning operational questions:

  • Is a cleaner attending each site?
  • How long did the cleaners stay on site?
  • Was the on-site cleaning contractor qualified?
  • Do they know the full scope of the work to be completed?

Verified's Solution

After struggling to resolve the issue with the contractor, Verified was implemented to improve contractor management practices and manage contractor-related risks. Working collaboratively with the client, Verified implemented its Contractor Management module, and found on-site contractors were delivering up to 18 minutes of cleaning services per site, instead of the contracted amount of 60 minutes per site. Verified enabled the banking institution to capture and analyse accurate data which confirmed insufficient cleaning practices, the need to efficiently reallocate resources and ensure existing on-site contractors fulfilled their contractual obligations. Using this data gathered by Verified, the Contract Manager was able to significantly increase the quantity and quality of the services whilst objectively holding contractor accountable.


With Verified, you have actionable data at your fingertips that gives
you the answers you need to provide a safe and compliant workplace